Jaisa Ghar Waisa Desh

One of my favourite videos, created few years back for Swachh Bharat, crossed 10M in the first week, we released eight versions in different languages with targeted distribution, and the results blew our minds. 
Super proud of the team work, from brainstorming, super fast production, shooting to editing.. with bulk of revisions happening across time zones.. all in-house :)

Master-class on viral marketing @ CarDekho, BikeDekho & ZigWheels

I love jamming with marketing teams, but when it’s a team of talented creators… it’s another level. With so much talent and skills around, the 10 million views question is… ‘what’ to create an idea that’s share-worthy, in the interest of the audience, and that spreads like wildfire, for the right reasons, beyond the celebrity… beyond ads and BS.

Grateful to have led the masterclass on viral content for teams from CarDekho, ZigWheels, and BikeDekho.. looking forward to some kickass work together.