How to pick share-worthy ideas?

How to pick share-worthy ideas? Here’s the framework behind 80 viral videos.. My truths about simplifying the creative process, every bucket is backed by validation of engagement and views… a starting point for all brainstorms about killer content ideas..

I – Inspirational Ideas
(make a list of 100 ways to inspire your audience, curate and deep dive into the micro moments from your audiences’ life)

U – Useful Ideas
(solving users’ pain points with creativity, create a list of 100 pain points, then find ways… research.. and find creative hacks around those pain points)

C – Celebrating their life
(pain points you can’t solve, you celebrate with relatable content… eg. 5 things only _ will get)

T – Topical
(breaking news story + your brand DNA = topical content idea, practise daily for 5 ideas on top news story of the day)

C – Change the world
(an attempt to make the world a better place, authentically.. not CSR not PR.. keep it real.. and document that)

If you have a question or a challenge, reply below.. I’d be happy to share from my learnings…

The process for killer creativity

Success revolves around happiness, not the other way around. My truths and the most under-rated way for generating killer ideas at 0:21 in the video.

What stops you from being your creative best?