Videos have a longer shelf life, when the idea is share-worthy

Whoa! Even after two years.. this April fools videos is still going big.. 15k reactions within a day.. on LinkedIn videos have a longer shelf life.. when the idea is share-worthy.. Top that with killer in-house execution.. ❤️
Thanks @pascal_bornet for sharing this, sending you the book, grateful

The Crazy Case of a Fool’s Day Campaign

Fool's Day Campaign 2015

It was a week before April, and we had to launch something fun, fake and fast! Last year, we had upped the game by launching a prank auto rickshaw service and this year we had to fake it again. April 1st is a day for pranks all over the trends, and every big and small brand is at the party with their best fake costumes.

The benchmarks from last year’s campaign were set, we had to ride the buzz for this annual ’newsjacking’ activity. The aha moment came about a fake App. The ixigo loo finder. Four days of crazy storyboarding, layouts and changes. Sometimes we stopped just to tell ourselves it was real branding for a fake app! With two days to produce a video, we found a brave volunteer in the team (you’ll know once you see the video). Making it a fun and crisp 30 seconder, from script, shooting and editing, it was crazy 48 hours!

The Game Day

Morning 11.30, we launch the video. Within hours, the feeds got chaotic with all big brands out with their clown hats. And then it started picking up, the video views started climbing and the mentions in blogs started pouring. The CEO even wrote the funniest press release ever! OurLoo Finder app and video were compared with other brand campaigns, including Ola, Google, Uber, Amazon and others.

The difference being, we pulled it off on a shoestring! ;)

Here’s what happened in first 24 hours

Fool's Day Campaign - Day 1

Coverage 1

Coverage 2