Masterclass at Rebel Foods – Viral Content 101

Grateful to have lead the masterclass on Viral Content with the incredible teams at Rebel Foods – home to loved brands like Faasos, Behrouz Biryani and EatSure

Loved the enthusiastic Q&A, looking beyond vanity metrics and exploring the essence of genuine engagement, authentic content, and the magic that unfolds when creating ‘dil se’… Excited for the adventures and experiments which unfold in the future!

Thanks Parivartan for making it happen :)


Keynote on Creativity, with largest audience ever at Boehringer Ingelheim :)

Immensely grateful to have presented a keynote on creativity at Boehringer Ingelheim, addressing the largest audience I’ve ever had.. about 100 in person and 400 online
This session was different from insights about viral content and videos. It was a deep dive into the past nine years, into the heart of the creative process that driven my work, which made it all possible. The final keynote emerged from truths, experiences, and lessons learned from the trenches when ideas were our only lifeline.
Here’s what became the session…
How to boost creativity, even in compliance heavy organisations
How to cultivate an abundance of Ideas by deep research, connecting dots and patterns
The vital role of fun, remarkable work and ideas just flow when it seems like play
Zeroing in on who we’re creating for and why would it matter (not to please the boss for one)
Embracing authenticity and deep immersion for innovation
“Success is a by product of executing ideas which impact the world, It’s all about channeling the magic inside, to solve a problem outside.”
Thankful to the amazing audience and team at Boehringer Ingelheim… Rohit Seth,Vinod Gopal, Ritu Malkani  and Black Hat Talent Solutions & Consulting to make this happen
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Master-class on viral marketing @ CarDekho, BikeDekho & ZigWheels

I love jamming with marketing teams, but when it’s a team of talented creators… it’s another level. With so much talent and skills around, the 10 million views question is… ‘what’ to create an idea that’s share-worthy, in the interest of the audience, and that spreads like wildfire, for the right reasons, beyond the celebrity… beyond ads and BS.

Grateful to have led the masterclass on viral content for teams from CarDekho, ZigWheels, and BikeDekho.. looking forward to some kickass work together.

Session at D2C Insider Women’s Summit

How to create game-changing content on a shoestring budget and drive killer engagement for your brand?
Join in for a 30-minute session about insights from the last 9 years and 81 viral videos at the D2C Insider Women’s Summit this Saturday.
Let’s connect 🙂🚀

Intensive Creativity workshop @ Sanofi

The bar for creativity is the highest in Pharma, with numerous regulations at every step. Grateful for the opportunity to have led an intensive creativity workshop for marketing leadership at Sanofi a few months ago.

Three hours of non-stop exercises, brainstorming, viral video backstories, and aha-moments… with ideas popping up everywhere. The energy and excitement from the participants were inspiring. A big thanks to my friend Makarand for making this possible.

If you’re looking to inject some creative energy into your team… let’s talk 