Keynote on Creativity, with largest audience ever at Boehringer Ingelheim :)

Immensely grateful to have presented a keynote on creativity at Boehringer Ingelheim, addressing the largest audience I’ve ever had.. about 100 in person and 400 online
This session was different from insights about viral content and videos. It was a deep dive into the past nine years, into the heart of the creative process that driven my work, which made it all possible. The final keynote emerged from truths, experiences, and lessons learned from the trenches when ideas were our only lifeline.
Here’s what became the session…
How to boost creativity, even in compliance heavy organisations
How to cultivate an abundance of Ideas by deep research, connecting dots and patterns
The vital role of fun, remarkable work and ideas just flow when it seems like play
Zeroing in on who we’re creating for and why would it matter (not to please the boss for one)
Embracing authenticity and deep immersion for innovation
“Success is a by product of executing ideas which impact the world, It’s all about channeling the magic inside, to solve a problem outside.”
Thankful to the amazing audience and team at Boehringer Ingelheim… Rohit Seth,Vinod Gopal, Ritu Malkani  and Black Hat Talent Solutions & Consulting to make this happen
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News-jacking Dussehra: An Idea to NDTV coverage in 2 days!


‘News-jacking’ is the art of injecting ideas (with your brand DNA) into news stories, creating kick-ass content and riding media coverage plus social engagement. What started on a Friday evening, came full circle with coverage on NDTV’s homepage on the D-Day! :)

Idea & Execution

We had the hindu festival of Dussehra coming up in a few days.  The popular mythology around Dussehra is the victory of god Rama over the ‘ten-headed’ demon king Ravana. After countless ideas and brainstorm droppings, our hunt was to find brand DNA match to News-jack this.

So came the simple idea to turn the central character of the festival on its head! We re-imagined Ravana (the ten-headed demon king), as if he were alive today, and put him in everyday situations, creating cool graphics for a Facebook Album. There’s always an urgency of a news-room when we’re working on topical content: Move Fast and Execute! And when it’s ready, distribute like crazy. Distribution is half the game, after you’ve cracked the idea and content. From Facebook post, internal promotion to blogger outreach in the beginning.



3. ravan
See the full series – Guess Who’s Back


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.28.16 pm

Got a ping from a friend on WhatsApp that NDTV had picked up our post and it had made it to their homepage. Phew! Happy Dussehra!

Spending money is easy, getting there with an idea and kick-ass execution is Startup Swag!

Cracking topical content – Reaching half a million Newsfeeds in a day

With the annual hindu festival of Rakshabandhan (Rakhi) this weekend, what better way to celebrate then to pull off a classic News-jack. Content Marketing can be so much fun.. from brainstorming, designing to finally hitting that post button. Two hours of madness to pull off topical content, with urgency of a news channel! ;) Here’s the Facebook link

What this guy did on Rakhi will blow your mind (lol)

Happy Rakshabandhan
Happy Rakshabandhan ;)


News-jacking is the practice of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story and generating of social media coverage and engagement.

Pointers to crack News-jacking

  1. Act Fast: Trending topics don’t last forever, start to finish in 2 hours.
  2. Brand DNA: What’s the point if the brand ain’t relevant in your post.
  3. Break the chaos: Think outside the box, like way outside sometimes ;)
  4. Distribute, Distribute, Distribute: Initial seeding super important!
  5. Make it share-worthy: We reject 90% ideas trying to answer this question: “Why would anyone share it?”
  6. Keep it short and simple: Human attention span is at the lowest ever, and you’re fighting through overwhelming content density
  7. Don’t make an Ad! Like paste this on your wall!

First 24 Hours – Half a million reach (organic)