Fast, Cheap & Viral session for Krishify – Empowering farmers with content.

Anyone can be a successful content creator, just need to grasp the fundamentals of ‘why’ and ‘what’, because ‘how’ is easy, from creators on LinkedIn or a farmer in the heartland, sharing his insights from potatoes to poultry…

Grateful to have led a four hour intensive session and brainstorm with team at Krishify® for their team members and many creators from the heartland joining online. The whole session on ‘Fast, Cheap & Viral’, super simplified and in Hindi, to make it easy for farmers to become thought leaders, in their game.

The session had fundamentals of ‘what’ to create based on share-worthy content framework, deep diving on the ‘why’, and making it easy for someone with just their insights and years of experience, to start creating videos easily, how to come up with a 1000 ideas as a platform to support such creators, how to nurture the community with resources and playbook for content, suited to their needs.

Loved the energy, the enthusiasm and the sheer sense of purpose at Krishify, thanks to Rajesh Ranjan, Manoj Mohite and Parivartan Kukreti for making this happen :)

From a Hindi teacher to a cab driver to future content creator :)

Last month on my way to Delhi, I met Yakub, a cab driver. He had been here for 3 months and passionately talked about going back to Ranchi, to start his own Hindi tuition centre for classes 1-5. ‘Teen saal mein teen lakh’ was his goal, to save enough to return back and kickstart his little startup…

He spoke passionately about what he taught kids back in Ranchi. After a pause for few minutes, I asked him what if he could save that money in half the time? He looked back confused, until I pointed to keep eyes on the road..

‘Do you know how many people want their kids to learn Hindi, around the world?’ Confused still, he peeked into the rear view mirror at me. ‘How about you start teaching Hindi on YouTube, make videos for every little topic’ and focus on getting online tuition classes from people who find your video, and when you start getting parents from across India and abroad, you do online tuitions in your free time after the job, it can take sometime but you’ll do the work you love, and when you’ve hit your 3 lakh mark, with savings from the job and online classes.. you go start your centre… 

His eyes lit up, still looking through the mirror. By this time I was at my destination, as I got out.. I gave him the book (always carry a copy in my bag), gave him Rs. 1000 to invest in a tripod/ring light to start creating videos from his phone and told him to learn everyday anytime he gets.. 

Learn about how YouTube works by watching YouTube tutorials, watch what others teachers have done to see it’s not difficult and learn ‘what’ and ‘how’ to make videos from the book and call me when he has attempted his first video. He kept staring at me as I patted his back and got out. 

If you can find someone you can help, with skills you’ve learnt over the years.. don’t just give gyan.. but give an action plan and a little support.. once the extra wheels come off.. off they go empowered to thrive.. and that’s the India 🇮🇳 I love.. working hard with a twinkle in their eyes ♥️

Do share your stories, if you’ve had a similar experience 😊