Viral is an outcome, but is it share-worthy?

Is it share-worthy? The one question I’ve obsessed about for over nine years. The one question which qualifies every brain fart in a jam session to every aha moment in a discussion..

It takes a process to stay razor focussed on share-worthiness..on the user experience of the content.. Because a video with 5 comments compared to a video with 50k comments takes the same amount of effort, only the direction of effort is different…

if you have doubts or questions not covered in the book, reply below.. will do my best to answer.. from my truths :)

Fast, Cheap & Viral session for Krishify – Empowering farmers with content.

Anyone can be a successful content creator, just need to grasp the fundamentals of ‘why’ and ‘what’, because ‘how’ is easy, from creators on LinkedIn or a farmer in the heartland, sharing his insights from potatoes to poultry…

Grateful to have led a four hour intensive session and brainstorm with team at Krishify® for their team members and many creators from the heartland joining online. The whole session on ‘Fast, Cheap & Viral’, super simplified and in Hindi, to make it easy for farmers to become thought leaders, in their game.

The session had fundamentals of ‘what’ to create based on share-worthy content framework, deep diving on the ‘why’, and making it easy for someone with just their insights and years of experience, to start creating videos easily, how to come up with a 1000 ideas as a platform to support such creators, how to nurture the community with resources and playbook for content, suited to their needs.

Loved the energy, the enthusiasm and the sheer sense of purpose at Krishify, thanks to Rajesh Ranjan, Manoj Mohite and Parivartan Kukreti for making this happen :)

Thought Leadership with Fast, Cheap & Viral – at Schneider Electric

Thought leadership is not about tooting your own horn, or how cool you are.. it’s about helping the younger version of yourself, with content.

Few weeks back, led two back to back intensive sessions on thought leadership for Schneider Electric at their annual mega HR event, each session covered…

➡️The fundamentals of contagious content, from ‘Fast, Cheap & Viral”

➡️How to apply that to thought leadership and content on Linkedin

➡️How to come up with 100 ideas for content, with your unique individual brand DNA

➡️Useful hacks if you can’t write, or afraid to face the camera for videos

➡️How to become a one person content machine, using your phone to shoot and edit easily

➡️How to experiment with different types of visuals: talking head, placards, immersive shots, using everyday items to get creative.

➡️How to make platforms love your content.

Super grateful for an enthusiastic audience in both the sessions, thanks to Sabih Kidwai and team at Schneider India and Parivartan Kukreti for making this happen 😊🙏