Viral Content Masterclass at SolarSquare – Mumbai

What an amazing wrap to the viral content masterclass at SolarSquare Energy Few pointers from the session..

🌞 Not just content, but all marketing must be share-worthy, period.

🌞 Love of the process is more important than the results.

🌞 You or your brand don’t matter, what you do for your audience/customers matters.

🌞 The way to beat competition is by being true and authentic, with creativity.

🌞 Ideas must be in-house responsibility, like product and customer experience, so the culture of creativity is priority one.

🌞 Branding is about staying relevant in conversations, not bombarding eye balls

(For more, chapter 3 onwards in the book)

The energy, enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose displayed by the team at SolarSquare, truly sets them apart. Grateful for the opportunity to work with such a passionate team.. looking forward to exciting possibilities ahead 😊🚀

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