Budgets don’t decide content success, engagement does, award moment

Super proud of the team, in winning the small budget campaign award at ET BrandEquity trendies award.. coz there wasn’t a zero budget category :)

The video was an experiment in asking ‘what if’ to the same research we’ve had for years, and reimagining it every time for the audience…

The big motivation for the video was the fact that we didn’t know how to execute.. and that pursuit became exciting to bring every visual imagined on the screen with hacks tricks and minimal effort compared to traditional way of production.

It hit 6.5M overall views in 5 days, with 30K likes on Twitter, 250K likes and 18K shares on Instagram and widely shared on WhatsApp.

Super grateful for the team for tireless execution and the enthusiasm in going in new directions..
The video link: https://youtu.be/022BTZgvN9U

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