Cracking topical content – Reaching half a million Newsfeeds in a day

With the annual hindu festival of Rakshabandhan (Rakhi) this weekend, what better way to celebrate then to pull off a classic News-jack. Content Marketing can be so much fun.. from brainstorming, designing to finally hitting that post button. Two hours of madness to pull off topical content, with urgency of a news channel! ;) Here’s the Facebook link

What this guy did on Rakhi will blow your mind (lol)

Happy Rakshabandhan
Happy Rakshabandhan ;)


News-jacking is the practice of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story and generating of social media coverage and engagement.

Pointers to crack News-jacking

  1. Act Fast: Trending topics don’t last forever, start to finish in 2 hours.
  2. Brand DNA: What’s the point if the brand ain’t relevant in your post.
  3. Break the chaos: Think outside the box, like way outside sometimes ;)
  4. Distribute, Distribute, Distribute: Initial seeding super important!
  5. Make it share-worthy: We reject 90% ideas trying to answer this question: “Why would anyone share it?”
  6. Keep it short and simple: Human attention span is at the lowest ever, and you’re fighting through overwhelming content density
  7. Don’t make an Ad! Like paste this on your wall!

First 24 Hours – Half a million reach (organic)


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