How to make a viral video? Quick Interview

Few weeks back I met Rajeev Suri, who’s super energetic and vibrantly spirited about digital marketing. If you want to be in the know of the latest insights from the industry, hit subscribe on his video blog on YouTube, he interviews the game changers in the Indian digital landscape and provides a lot of learnings and insights.

It was an honour to be interviewed by him, and talk about something which has shaped my journey over last few years: Viral Videos. In quick 10 minutes, we discussed the best practices behind making viral videos, from coming up with topics to distribution. One memory from my visit to Mumbai, neatly captured in a video :)

Highlights from the video and his blog post..

Replace your obsession with the video going viral with your focus on the content and story you are going to tell.  And for God’s sake, don’t make an ad. Social media is about activism. People are trying to make a change, and impact. focus on that.

Use the right medium to propagate. sharing or share ability is in the DNA of Facebook, not so much on youtube, which is traditionally the source of video distribution. And don’t link a youtube video on Facebook, upload directly on Facebook.

Happy Content Marketing :)

Tweet chat about career in social media – Highlights

CareerBuilder India invited me for a Tweet chat today, about careers in social media. It was rapid fire answering for two hours, questions from freshers to professionals to the ones looking for a jump. Here are the highlights :)

How a Video Got Reach of 25 Million – Case Study at #11MarCon


Presented the ixigo case study at the IAMAI Marketing Conclave in Mumbai last week. What an exciting event, enthusiastic audience and an experience to remember. On Day 1, there was an interesting session on video marketing, with who’s who of the video marketing world defending their stands.

It was a revelation to learn that we’re doing two things very different from the industry:

  • we produce all videos in-house and
  • we don’t focus on influencers (the messengers), but focus on producing kick-ass content (message) for our social community instead.

On Day 2, had my little case study presentation. The story of how we pulled a reach of 25 million from a video, and the best practices in viral video marketing. The energy was infectious, the session went off script, rapid fire answers to interesting questions from the audience. Find the slide-deck from the event below, and tweets about it. 

Slide-deck : Case Study

Tweets from the event


Imagine 3.5 Lakh Influencers to Share Your Content [Video]

At DMAI roundtable, May 8, 2015
At DMAI roundtable, May 8, 2015

A great deal of attention has been focussed on thought leaders or “Influencers” in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape in India today. The traditional idea of Influencer Marketing in any given industry, is about focussing on the ‘thought leaders’ or messengers to spread your story. With numbers to backup my argument, I feel that in today’s exploding internet scene in India, we don’t have to find a perfect bunch of people to spread our content; If we focus on the message (instead of the messengers) and make it share-worthy, it doesn’t matter if the users who share it have 20 friends or 20,000.

When your message is powerful and easy to share, then everyone’s a messenger :)

Here’s a video from a brief talk of how, by focussing on the message, we turned 50% of our Facebook community of 7 Lakh into Influencers!