Viral Content Masterclass at SolarSquare – Mumbai

What an amazing wrap to the viral content masterclass at SolarSquare Energy Few pointers from the session..

🌞 Not just content, but all marketing must be share-worthy, period.

🌞 Love of the process is more important than the results.

🌞 You or your brand don’t matter, what you do for your audience/customers matters.

🌞 The way to beat competition is by being true and authentic, with creativity.

🌞 Ideas must be in-house responsibility, like product and customer experience, so the culture of creativity is priority one.

🌞 Branding is about staying relevant in conversations, not bombarding eye balls

(For more, chapter 3 onwards in the book)

The energy, enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose displayed by the team at SolarSquare, truly sets them apart. Grateful for the opportunity to work with such a passionate team.. looking forward to exciting possibilities ahead 😊🚀

Jaipur – India Tour 2022

What an awesome start to the India tour, the energy and enthusiasm in Jaipur made it super special. It started with the scheduled two hour discussion/jam session about all things content, videos, startups, creator challenges and career direction.

The evening turned into an unexpected game of charades with everyone at a quaint little cafe inside an old Haveli (check out Den cafe, and ask for ‘Izhaar chai’) I visited Jaipur alone and came back with an amazing bunch of friends.

Thank you for making it awesome :) 

To the next city.. :)

Viral Video Marketing Session @ IIM Rohtak

“You know the difference between a manager and a leader? Managers manage from the back, leaders lead from the front. Be willing to get your hands dirty, be uncompromising about doing the right thing, keep user experience close to your heart, and your head deep in experimentation and execution to make that happen. Aspire to become the best goddamn leaders this country deserves!” Amazing energy with an amazing audience, the future leaders of tomorrow! Viral Video Session @ IIM Rohtak

Viral Videos Masterclass at JoshTalks

Viral video masterclass at JoshTalks. Incredible team on a solid mission. Creating and sharing inspirational stories from the heartland, in regional languages. More power to you guys. #LetsMakeIndiaGreatAgain