Viral : gimmick vs method

If you look at viral as a gimmick, it will always be out of reach… but if you look at it with a method… it’s the best way to market your brand.. :)

Everyone loves a viral, the uptick in engagement, talk of the town, 15 sec of fame… but loving the outcome and not the process is a dangerous path in my experience.

It’s not about viral, it’s not about the outcome; it’s about the process. The goal is driving engagement regularly, so we are part of our audience’s life as often as we can because branding today is about relevance.

How many conversations can we start? How many are we a part of? It’s not about recall, where we keep yelling at the user.

With the goal of engagement, the way we look at content becomes crucial—the only thing that matters is “share-worthiness” in my experience. If the content is not worth sharing, it just dies down, or you need to spend a lot of money to bring it in front of people.

Viral is just an outcome; like laughter on a joke is an outcome, But what’s the process? Are we obsessed about if people will laugh or do we work on our setup and punch line?

It’s the process of creating shareworthy content, the creative culture to enjoy the game and not be under pressure to hit a six on every ball… so we can focus to create ten pieces hoping two will work.

I feel everything a brand creates, any marketing communication must be shareworthy, period.

Learning from the trenches over 10 years has taught me to focus on only one thing which matters in all of marketing mumbo jumbo :)
Thanks for the poke Sandeep Balaji on Arindam Paul ‘s post.. suno fir ;)

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