Stopping that thumb from swiping…

Sometimes I take trips on the metro just to observe how people consume content. It’s the moment of truth for all the hard work behind content, videos, ads, or campaigns. One swipe up of a thumb, and it’s gone!

Amid all our video and ad formats, brand guidelines, campaigns objectives, and CTAs, the audience seeks just one thing—authentic storytelling. ‘What’ you create is far far more important, than any fancy production, celebrity, or flashy logo. The only thing you cannot buy in this game, is engagement.. that you need to earn.. by stopping that thumb from swiping.. meaningfully engaging till the end and getting them to share.. that’s a tall order.. but it’s better to shoot for the stars.. and reach the moon.. than to shoot for the electricity pole and end up standing on the table..

For me, it’s about being in love and truly walking in the shoes of the audience, honing the creative process consistently to engage, holding their hand, and taking them on a journey on their screens, in the chaos of a newsfeed before the next station comes.

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My purpose is to make the World a happier place, share stories & be the change. Content Marketing is what I do. Creating compelling, shareworthy videos :)

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