How to think viral content?

Going viral is an outcome, and getting there consistently takes a process. What to focus on, the one thing which matters, above everything else.. truths from my journey..

If you have doubts or questions, reply below.. I’ll do my best to answer from learnings in the trenches.. :)

How to pick share-worthy ideas?

How to pick share-worthy ideas? Here’s the framework behind 80 viral videos.. My truths about simplifying the creative process, every bucket is backed by validation of engagement and views… a starting point for all brainstorms about killer content ideas..

I – Inspirational Ideas
(make a list of 100 ways to inspire your audience, curate and deep dive into the micro moments from your audiences’ life)

U – Useful Ideas
(solving users’ pain points with creativity, create a list of 100 pain points, then find ways… research.. and find creative hacks around those pain points)

C – Celebrating their life
(pain points you can’t solve, you celebrate with relatable content… eg. 5 things only _ will get)

T – Topical
(breaking news story + your brand DNA = topical content idea, practise daily for 5 ideas on top news story of the day)

C – Change the world
(an attempt to make the world a better place, authentically.. not CSR not PR.. keep it real.. and document that)

If you have a question or a challenge, reply below.. I’d be happy to share from my learnings…

Why every company is a media company?

Every company today is a media company.. My truths about branding, staying relevant and investing in content vs bombarding your audience with ads…

If you have a challenge or a question, reply below.. I’d be happy to share my learnings…

The process for killer creativity

Success revolves around happiness, not the other way around. My truths and the most under-rated way for generating killer ideas at 0:21 in the video.

What stops you from being your creative best?

The first video – Gurgaon Toll Surprise

This day eight years back, I released my first ever video. It was the happiest and the scariest moment of my life, happiest coz it was my first ‘viral’ experience and scariest coz if I did not build on that, if I did not figure out, learn, deep dive, obsess about why it worked.. then I’d be back to the rat race, nothing but a one hit wonder.

The journey and the obsession since then has resulted in 76 videos which went viral, 470M views and a best-selling book.. which for a college drop out, written off as a failure.. was beyond my wildest imagination. Results are never in our hands, but our action and performance is, and one brick at a time, compound effect works like magic. Life always gives you signs, shows you doors, but what matters is if you run through them.

And when that tiny door opened on Feb 18, eight years back.. I ran through it like my life depended on it.


Super Grateful for everything that came after :)