Agla Station Chaand

In case you haven’t seen this already 😊

Agla Station Chaand 🇮🇳🚀
As someone posted yesterday.. ‘True test of virality is when you get something as a forward on WhatsApp, even better when it’s your mother’ 😊

Super proud of the team in taking the idea to a whole new level, stellar execution, fast turnaround and 100% in-house magic. Overwhelming response all weekend, 48 hours of so much ❤️.. across thousands of WhatsApp groups, earned social engagement and news articles even in regional languages. The video soared like the spirit of Chandrayaan 🚀🇮🇳😊

Grateful to the team, their obsession about the process and the undying spirt in pursuit of meaningful engagement.. true share-worthy content.

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