Prioritise fun, embrace the flow, seize the now.

Prioritise fun, embrace the flow, seize the now, and watch your accomplishments soar. When passion meets progress, work transforms into play, and success follows.

And if you’re stuck in a job that seems farthest from fun, it’s time to sit back and evaluate if you’re in the right place or role. Because the best work in your career will happen when it doesn’t feel like work. It will be an authentic expression of who you are, and you won’t just succeed – you’ll flourish

How to build a culture of creativity?

Crazy success happens when everyone contributes and looks in the same direction, not at each other. My truths from the trenches about how to build the culture which leads to killer creativity..

Why a culture of creativity is important?

Ideas must be everyone’s responsibility in an organisation, not just marketing teams’. And nurturing a culture of creativity across, gives ROI beyond just marketing, because success revolves around happiness and creativity, not the other way around.

My truth from the trenches.. if you have questions.. reply below.. I’ll answer if it has been part of my truth.

Success in content is not about the views

Views can be bought, but engagement is earned. The goal for all marketing must be beyond just getting reach and views.. the goal must be to get them to share, to engage meaningfully.. and getting there consistently takes a different type of focus.. a process. Truths from my journey.

If you have doubts or questions, reply below.. I’ll do my best to answer from learnings in the trenches.. :)

Agla Station Chaand

In case you haven’t seen this already 😊

Agla Station Chaand 🇮🇳🚀
As someone posted yesterday.. ‘True test of virality is when you get something as a forward on WhatsApp, even better when it’s your mother’ 😊

Super proud of the team in taking the idea to a whole new level, stellar execution, fast turnaround and 100% in-house magic. Overwhelming response all weekend, 48 hours of so much ❤️.. across thousands of WhatsApp groups, earned social engagement and news articles even in regional languages. The video soared like the spirit of Chandrayaan 🚀🇮🇳😊

Grateful to the team, their obsession about the process and the undying spirt in pursuit of meaningful engagement.. true share-worthy content.