Video ft. in Print – 3X viral already

So cool to see the video covered in print.. across TOI Gurgaon, Delhi and other cities.. and featured among amazing brands..

grateful for this and proud of the team in killer in-house execution.. this concept has gone viral 3 separate times now.. across Indian WhatsApp groups across ❤️😊🇮🇳 g

Session at D2C Insider Women’s Summit

How to create game-changing content on a shoestring budget and drive killer engagement for your brand?
Join in for a 30-minute session about insights from the last 9 years and 81 viral videos at the D2C Insider Women’s Summit this Saturday.
Let’s connect 🙂🚀

Intensive Creativity workshop @ Sanofi

The bar for creativity is the highest in Pharma, with numerous regulations at every step. Grateful for the opportunity to have led an intensive creativity workshop for marketing leadership at Sanofi a few months ago.

Three hours of non-stop exercises, brainstorming, viral video backstories, and aha-moments… with ideas popping up everywhere. The energy and excitement from the participants were inspiring. A big thanks to my friend Makarand for making this possible.

If you’re looking to inject some creative energy into your team… let’s talk 

Train mein hai ghar wali baat – 15M views in 5 days

For the love of India 🇮🇳

Crazy intensive research, multiple trips in the train to validate every truth, incredible team work from the beautiful writing, to shooting, editing , even featuring in the shots.. 100% in-house execution, except the celebrity voiceover 😊

A video about and for India.. grateful for incredible response – 15M views, over 100k shares in 5 days when last released – super proud of the team.. This remains my favourite, a true case study of our process.. 🙂

Prioritise fun, embrace the flow, seize the now.

Prioritise fun, embrace the flow, seize the now, and watch your accomplishments soar. When passion meets progress, work transforms into play, and success follows.

And if you’re stuck in a job that seems farthest from fun, it’s time to sit back and evaluate if you’re in the right place or role. Because the best work in your career will happen when it doesn’t feel like work. It will be an authentic expression of who you are, and you won’t just succeed – you’ll flourish