How to give an engaging presentation?

Here’s what I’ve learnt over the years..

1. Start Strong: Begin with a captivating, authentic story to hook your audience from the get-go. Keep it real, don’t be on a pedestal. 

2. Interactive Dialogue: Dive into a conversational flow by asking probing questions, guiding everyone towards a shared understanding.

3. Storytelling Magic: Sprinkle in metaphors, parallels, and anecdotes to weave a narrative that captivates and connects.

Remember, the goal is to speak to each person in the audience as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation. It’s not about how much you know..but about them.

When you speak from the heart, it makes for an engaging and unforgettable presentation.. where everyone is looking in the same direction together and not at you. 

PS: and record it, any content where you flow from the heart makes for engaging content as well.