Performance Marketing vs. Content Marketing: What Keeps Your Brand Flying?

Your brand is like an airplane, and when investors put pressure on, budget for burns comes in, throwing it all into performance marketing. The ads start showing some results, your plane seems to be flying, engines running. And you keep burning through to show the numbers.

But in this exercise, you never invested or looked at building your brand. Because this burn will stop one day or slow down, and if one day you turn the engines off and your plane keeps flying, it’s because of brand and organic content and engagement with your audience. And if it falls, you never invested in building your brand and nurturing customer love.

Performance marketing is important, sure, but experimenting in the 6, 10, 15 seconds video formats or images, it’s about getting more creative beyond just tired old best practices (which IMO are tired old practices given by platforms), because the only thing which matters in all of marketing is ‘engagement’, and if your ads start getting engagement, your quality score goes up, more bang for your buck, and you see magical results in your conversions, that’s the holy grail.

So keep the burns on when needed, but with it, invest in building your brand with content that drives engagement, that’s share-worthy, which is for and about your audience, so in times of zero or low budgets, your brand keeps flying, not because of any fuel burns, but out of sheer momentum of your content, engagement, and love from your audience.