5 Content Marketing Trends For 2019

An incredible year comes to an end, complete with videos going viral, attention spans dropping, news-feeds getting chaotic, short-form video exploding, regional content sky-rocketing, LinkedIn joining the video party and organic reach nose-diving. Here are five trends and my focus areas for 2019, the best year for videos we’ve ever seen :)

1. Videos Will Continue To Dominate

You know what was the biggest trend in marketing last year? Videos. This year, the biggest trend continued to be videos, and next year.. it’s going to be videos in hindi and regional languages. Videos are dominating news-feeds everywhere. With millions joining the internet bandwagon in India, armed with cheaper phones and cheaper data, everyone is consuming content on their tiny devices across the country, moving away from traditional media. If you’re still procrastinating about having a video strategy or starting videos.. it’s time to jump and experiment. With LinkedIn going gaga over videos, even B2B space is getting exciting. For personal branding, there couldn’t be a better time to start creating video blogs. 2019 will be the year of experiments in Live videos, vertical videos, regional content, and short form video Ads.

2. Organic Reach is Dead

Gone are the days where you post something on any platform and see it growing organically. All big platforms have tightened up the screws, you got to pay for the distribution. The only way to get organic reach and beat these platforms at their own game, is to have kick-ass content which drives tons of engagement. No platform in the world can stop organic sharing of content. The goal must be to create killer content and spend your distribution budgets only if it’s driving engagement.

Remember, views can be bought, engagement is earned. 

Focus on creating content which makes engagement easier.. create for low attention spans, for tiny mobile screens, think conversations first, don’t sweat about production value – focus on storytelling, and most important.. make it share-worthy! When we make our message so powerful, every person who sees, shares it forward, becoming a little evangelist spreading our content like wild-fire and beating platforms at their own game. And that’s how startups will compete with big budget competition and the most engaging content will win.

3. Recall is out, Relevance is in

Branding won’t be about recall-recall-recall anymore. Recall is about getting to as many eye-balls as you can, which comes with budget spends in millions on traditional media. The generation today is trained to ignore ads, our bullshit radars are so evolved, we we can spot the blatant Adsy BS miles away. Ad blockers are on the rise, TV numbers are down and when was the last time you shared an Ad? Marketers think in terms of Ads, short form videos, bumper Ads, twenty seconders, TVCs, long form content, web series etc. And all the user sees is two things.. is it BS or no BS! Our Ads need to evolve and be more authentic, and content must be share-worthy. The more conversations we have on our content, the more relevant our brand will be in the news-feeds and in their minds. Branding will be about relevance, not recall anymore.

4. Rise of Influencer Marketing, Again

Influencer Marketing got off to a messy start last year. Thinking an Influencer as just another distribution channel backfired. Tons were spent on influencer marketing without much ROI. Before we incentivise the messengers (influencers), we must make the message (content strategy) super strong. We’d need to tailor the content to the right influencers and not one-size-fits-all and asking influencers to just broadcast.

5. Return of Jack of all Trades

Next year will see the rise of multi-skilled storytellers. People who can wear many hats, with experimentation in their DNA and self-learning an essential skill.

We need filmmakers who double up as designers, designers who know how to write headlines and writers to know video editing. 

Rockstars are groomed, creativity revolves around happiness and let’s play the game and not be under pressure to hit home runs everyday. We need teams who can crack content internally, collaborate and brainstorm across the company and execute.

One more thing..

Finally, after years of working on compiling my crazy notes on fundamentals behind viral videos, the book is coming out in first quarter of 2019. Never thought writing a book would be that big a deal, but deep diving and backing up every little insight with experiments and examples is better than brain-farts about my musings. It’s an actionable manual for anyone who wants to get into content and reach millions on shoe-string budgets. It’s for startups who want to compete with the big guns, marketers who want to invest in personal branding and students who wants to learn rules of the new game. You can sign-up for the mailing list for updates on the release, connect on LinkedIn or check the blog :)

Featured in Forbes – Driving Sales & Leads With Content Marketing

Forbes published an article about Content Marketing tips from world’s top marketers, about proven ways to drive sales & leads. Grateful to be mentioned among BS free, action oriented individuals and how they are making a dent in Content Marketing around the world :) Here’s the excerpt from the article.

Strive to be relevant. Make your content share-worthy.

Aashish Chopra, head of content marketing at ixigo.com, creates viral videos. He has produced branded posts on Facebook garnering 40M views in a week and has won various marketing awards in Asia.

Chopra shares that

“content must be made for low attention spans, responsive to tiny mobile screens, drive conversations, and prioritize storytelling over production value”.

He makes a good point in adding that “when your content is share-worthy, you beat the platforms at their own game, saving on distribution, making the message so powerful that everyone becomes a messenger spreading your content like wildfire”. The longer we stay relevant in their lives, the higher the sales numbers. And with cheaper phone and data, videos are exploding everywhere.

Chopra recommends asking yourself: “Why would anyone share it?”

Over last three years, Chopra has done tireless experiments and created five buckets of share-worthy content, every option backed by millions of organic views:

  1. Inspirational: Inspirational content is a tall order, but one that has got us the biggest success.
  2. Useful: Making an obsessive list about users’ pain points and finding ways to creatively solve those in a video. Audience with similar pain points, tend to share with their peers.
  3. Celebrate their life: All the pain points we can’t solve, we celebrate, creating relatable content.
  4. Topical: Creating content which news-jacks global breaking news and gives the users a vehicle to share their sentiments.
  5. Change the world: When we create content which creates an authentic impact in the world, be it an act of kindness or making a difference with tiny actions, everyone becomes a messenger of that idea and brand becomes a conduit in celebrating that.

“Remember, views can be bought, but shares are earned, and when shares start snowballing, that’s when magic happens,” says Chopra.

— end of excerpt —

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Excited to be part of the F&M show on Video Marketing Trends, Thanks Dr. Falguni and Malhar for this awesome initiative. 

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