Car Names Pronounced Wrong – Behind-the-scenes

“What are the pain points, micro-moments, and tiniest of frustrations Indians have with cars?” Identifying the first 10-15 was easy, but it became uphill and against the wind to find deeper truths. It was in the deep dive research and the journey from 15 to 100 micro moments where incredible insights were hidden. That’s what I loved about brainstorming and jam sessions—we weren’t just figuring out ideas; we were getting to the tiny truths. Ideas just happened when there were enough dots to connect.

Had a lot of fun talking about one particular pain point, and when we enjoyed the process, the audience would too. We just needed to keep the authenticity from concept to execution. Everything in this video was non-fiction, driven by a meticulous process. Ideation through the IUCTC framework (Inspirational, Useful, Celebrate their life, Topical, Change the world) made the content relatable and useful for learning pronunciations, and execution was driven by detailed bullet point lists. From selecting the final list of car names to choreographing actions for each name and ensuring the flow of shots kept viewers engaged—every six seconds.

The content the team enjoyed creating the most worked the best since it didn’t feel like work but play. With the incredible skills and talent at Cars24, the team was driven, and everything was executed 100% in-house, even the acting, which was amazing. The results were heartwarming.. over 7000 comments, about the love for cars and one shared pain point :)