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Session @ Google – Digital Insider

Five years back, I remember applying to Google for a job. Today it felt like full circle, being invited to take a session at Google for their Digital Insider program. An hour long session with rapid fire questions and the famous Google blend coffee :)

Session: Content That Works

Agenda : Content powers communication but creating content that works is a challenge. Join Aashish Chopra and Guneet Singh as they share what they’ve learnt about creating impact with content.

Viral Video Marketing Session @ IIM Rohtak

“You know the difference between a manager and a leader? Managers manage from the back, leaders lead from the front. Be willing to get your hands dirty, be uncompromising about doing the right thing, keep user experience close to your heart, and your head deep in experimentation and execution to make that happen. Aspire to become the best goddamn leaders this country deserves!” Amazing energy with an amazing audience, the future leaders of tomorrow! Viral Video Session @ IIM Rohtak

Video – Quick Chat On Viral Videos

Quick conversation with Manish Vaswani, who leads a digital agency from Indore and is killing it in the hotel industry. Really proud how talent in tier 2 cities is making a dent on the national scene, even aspiring to go global. More power to you guys.

Viral Videos Masterclass at JoshTalks

Viral video masterclass at JoshTalks. Incredible team on a solid mission. Creating and sharing inspirational stories from the heartland, in regional languages. More power to you guys. #LetsMakeIndiaGreatAgain