Most Shared Facebook Video With Highest Engagement!


So, Campaign India released the Facebook Top 20 videos this week, the best list of branded videos competing neck-to-neck for engagement rates. The video we did for ibis hotels ‘How to speak Hyderabadi’ hit the top spot with 43,000 shares in a week. The next best was at 25k shares (Johnson’s Baby India) then the list nose-dived to 7k shares ( and below.

Shares are the magical metric for viral videos, period.

Made on low budget, with kick-ass execution and focussed distribution, this video has created it’s own benchmark. Storytelling beats production value, and that’s evident from the phenomenal reach of 10 million this video got, imagine reaching 1 crore news-feeds in a few days, all organic, zero boost spends.

Shares are earned, views can be bought!