News-Jacking The Infamous Govt. Ban!


The news spread like wildfire, govt. without notice banned porn in India. Now that’s something a brand will never associate with, forget creating content around it. But then we thought, what would Amul do? Amul’s creatives have by far been the inspiration for topical content, the original king of news-jacking in India.

News-jacking is a fancy-schmancy marketing lingo for topical content, or easily put: Breaking news + Brand DNA, for creating content.

We racked our brains, until we hit the sweet spot, spot on, yet subtle. Since our brand DNA is all about┬ácelebrating travel, we merged the ‘ban’ with popular tourist destinations, and the idea was born.

Ban is the new ‘B’ word



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When stuff like this happens, you got to become CNN for 2 hours, from brainstorming, to design, to post, super fast at execution. And results were great, and since it is in the news still, it’s growing :)