Content Ideas Are Everywhere; Execution is Everything

If your job is to create content, there are ideas everywhere you look. Case in point, the latest series of minimalistic graphics we did, idea for which was born sitting on Indigo’s flight flying to Mumbai.

The good old guide for flight passengers


How about flipping the theme :)

The team got into research, and produced some kick-ass visuals. From writing copy to numerous design reviews, we spent hours brainstorming the theme, design and possibly a video in the making :) Check the slide-deck below. 

 Content ideas are everywhere, team-work in execution is everything.

From the eye of a content creator – Stories everywhere

From the experience on the flight, to curious observations. With the world your playground and tools in your phone, stories get real and raw :) Personal stories during the trip, nothing ‘brand’ or ‘marketing’ about it :)


Mighty Maharashtra


Curious observations, visualised :)