Be Yourself.. nobody told us how

“Be Yourself” is something I’ve heard as advice for success so many times over the years.. but nobody tells how..

I see young people so full of self doubt, from dancing impromptu to how they present ideas in office..

Here’s what helped me…

1. Your instincts lead you in life, your mind creates hurdles and doubts, listen to what your instinct tell you in any moment, write it down as often as you can.

2. Your job may not be about what you love or are passionate about, find time every week to pursue what you love.. where only you decide what you do and how you do, do more of that.

3. Comparing with others is natural, we’ve been conditioned that way growing up in competing school system.. it takes focus away from the magic you have inside to the stuff outside.. next time your compare with anyone.. notice how you compare on one thing and not overall life.. compare all.. beyond money.. fame success to love.. family.. friends.. freedom.. and you’ll begin to notice how what you have inside is enough for your happiness

4. Notice when you’re yourself 100%, could be singing alone in your car, or animatedly talking to a close friend.. the more you notice and practice being authentic, the more you’ll see magic happen.. when you flow spontaneously.. which will surprise you. Be okay with who you are, try operating in life as if there is ‘no lack’, experiment with it.

5. Being yourself is not about following your mind’s whims.. but being true to what your heart says in any moment, the more you practice.. the more it becomes your nature.. heart > mind

You’re a force of nature, just like a celebrity you love or a flower which blooms.. best way to stop dancing and reacting to everyone else.. is to listen to what you are inside, coz inside you’re awesome.. and enough.

Your best ideas, your best work will happen when you channel what’s inside to solve a problem outside, and that will become your legacy.

All the best ❤️🙌