Imagine 3.5 Lakh Influencers to Share Your Content [Video]

At DMAI roundtable, May 8, 2015
At DMAI roundtable, May 8, 2015

A great deal of attention has been focussed on thought leaders or “Influencers” in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape in India today. The traditional idea of Influencer Marketing in any given industry, is about focussing on the ‘thought leaders’ or messengers to spread your story. With numbers to backup my argument, I feel that in today’s exploding internet scene┬áin India, we don’t have to find a perfect bunch of people to spread our content; If we focus on the message (instead of the messengers) and make it share-worthy, it doesn’t matter if the users who share it have 20 friends or 20,000.

When your message is powerful and easy to share, then everyone’s a messenger :)

Here’s a video from a brief talk of how, by focussing on the message, we turned 50% of our Facebook community of 7 Lakh┬áinto Influencers!

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