How Tamil became a search term for the book on Amazon :)

I’ve been wondering… how Tamil is a search term for the book on Amazon.. now I know.. ❤️

Here’s an excerpt from the post by Sriram Selvan and the reel which hit 100k views

In a recent Being Scenius Podcast episode, one of the guests discussed the impact of the book “Fast, Cheap, and Viral” by Aashish Chopra on his life. The conversation revolved around this book.

I used to save the book-related discussion for the end of the hour-long (sometimes a couple of hours-long) podcast.

In this particular episode, which lasted an hour and a half, I introduced the giveaway at the 1-hour 25-minute mark. I encouraged listeners who reached this point to connect with me on Instagram for a chance to win the book.

Surprisingly, I received the first direct message within two hours of the episode, and more followed in the subsequent days! As promised, I gave the book to the first five people who reached out.

It has opened many quality conversations with the listeners, which is most important for a podcaster like me!

While platform statistics provide insights into viewers and analytics, engaging in such enjoyable experiments adds a unique dimension to the experience!

PS: The episode was uploaded three months ago, and as of yesterday, I received a DM to participate in the giveaway!

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